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Analysis on Breeding Techniques of Cherax Quadricarinatus

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.020


Jianguo Wang, Zhou Wang, Xishuang Shan, Quan Wang

Corresponding Author

Jianguo Wang


In this paper, the breeding technique of Cherax quadricarinatus is briefly discussed. The selection of the early broodstock and the parental pool of Cherax quadricarinatus are used as the starting point, and the preparatory work is proposed. Then the operation and daily management of the wintering shed are elaborated, and the Cherax quadricarinatus mating is proposed. Oviposition management and daily management measures of prawn shrimp, and the management strategy of juvenile shrimp, standard rough pond and shrimp seedlings are finally proposed, aiming to promote the smooth breeding of Cherax quadricarinatus through technical optimization, only for reference.


Australia, Freshwater Crayfish, Breeding Technique