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Research on the Application Observation of Standardized Full-course Nursing Intervention in the Perioperative Period of Minimally Invasive Arthrocentesis Surgery in Patients with Breast Fibroma

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.019


Mei Wang, Yangyang, Shiqing Sun, Fangcao He, Congcong Li

Corresponding Author

Mei Wang


Objective: To explore the effect of standardized nursing interventions in the perioperative period of minimally invasive arthroscopy of areola fibroids in patients with breast fibroids. Methods: 94 patients with breast fibroma were selected in our hospital from August 2015 to February 2018. According to the order of admission, there were 47 cases. All cases were treated with minimally invasive aortic ring resection of isolame, and the control group was given routine nursing during the perioperative period. The experimental group was given a standardized full-course nursing intervention. The incidence of postoperative complications, satisfaction with nursing work, and quality of life before and after intervention was compared between the two groups. Results: The incidence rate of postoperative complications in the experimental group was 6.38% (3/47) lower than that in the control group (25.53%, 12/47). The satisfaction rate of nursing work was 97.87% (46/47) higher than that of the control group (80.85%, 38/47). (P<0.05); There was no significant difference in the quality of life scores between the two groups before intervention (P>0.05), and the quality of life scores in the experimental group were higher than those in the control group (P<0.05). Conclusions: Standardized breastfeeding therapy for breast fibroma patients undergoing minimally invasive amelioration of the areola with Maimaton can significantly reduce the incidence of postoperative complications, effectively improve the quality of life of patients, and have high satisfaction with nursing work. It is worthy of clinical application. .


Breast Fibroma, Minimally Invasive Atherectomy By Isolamer, Standardized Full-Course Nursing Intervention