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Study on the Method of Detecting Phycocyanin by Fluorescence Spectroscopy

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.015


Jinxia Wang, Le Luo, Lingling Zhan

Corresponding Author

Jinxia Wang


The phycocyanin is a unique protein of cyanobacteria. In this study, fluorescence spectroscopy was used to study the algae of Anabaena sinensis. Firstly, the optimal detection conditions were determined by fluorescence scanning of living algae cells: λex=620nm, λem=650nm. The relationship between the fluorescence intensity of phycocyanin and the biomass of algal cells was established (R2=0.9972). The method was applied to the study of cyanobacterial growth. The results showed that the method has high precision (RSD=3.32%) and repeats. Sex (RSD=3.87%) is good, and the sample does not need to be treated.


Fluorescence Spectrum, Phycocyanin, Cyanobacteria, Biomass