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Application Research of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma on Microbial Breeding Physical Mutagenesis Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.012


Jialin Guo

Corresponding Author

Jialin Guo


Microbial physical mutation breeding technology is widely used to improve the characteristics of microbial strains, increase the yield and quality of microbial products, and also has important application value in biofuels and bioremediation. This paper focuses on the application of atmospheric pressure room temperature plasma (ARTP) physical mutagenesis technology in microbial mutation breeding, which has obvious mutagenic superiority to spore-forming species with important industrial and agricultural application value. The future development trend and important application prospects of microbial physical mutation breeding technology are further analyzed, which provides reference for microbial physical mutation breeding.


Microbial Breeding, Physical Mutagenesis, Artp, Spore-Forming Bacteria