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Drainage Ditch Management Based on Urban Landscape Ecological Construction- Take the Drainage Ditch of Lanzhou City as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.007


Lan Chong, Feng Jie

Corresponding Author

Lan Chong


Lanzhou is an important transportation hub in the western region. It belongs to the economic and cultural center of the western region. The two mountains of the north and south of the city of Lanzhou, the Yellow River flows through, forming two mountains and a river of the city pattern. Based on the urban ecological perspective, this paper expounds the current situation of the ecological construction of the north and south of Lanzhou and the impact on the urban landscape ecological environment. At the same time, based on the concept of sponge city and landscape construction, the status quo of drainage ditch in Lanzhou are analyzed, and this paper puts forward the blend in Lanzhou history cultural treasures "waterwheel" with the function of drainage network channel construction, and irrigation technology with mills ditch to transport to the top of the mountain and water catchment system, which not only can solve the two mountain greening projects, can also be the inner layer of Lanzhou city landscape ecological construction of culture.


Landscape Ecosystem, Drainage Ditch, Water Truck, Sponge City