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Analysis on Urban River Ecological Restoration and Landscape Reconstruction Methods --Taking Baima River of Fuzhou as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.003


Ling Chen

Corresponding Author

Ling Chen


Urban rivers form an important part of urban ecology, and restrict the development of a city to a great extent. Since the twenty-first century, many cities have focused on the comprehensive treatment of urban river pollution, but few satisfactory results have been achieved. The effects of pollution control cannot last long. Based on ecological restoration, this paper explores the comprehensive application of bioremediation, physical mediation and other engineering methods to control the pollution of urban rivers, and emphasizes the restoration of the self-regulation abilities of water system to achieve the benign cycle of ecosystem. The aim of these methods is to purify the water quality of urban rivers, optimize the ecological environment of revetments and beautify the landscape of urban rivers.


Urban Rivers, Ecological Restoration, Landscape Reconstruction, Purification of Water Quality, Benign Cycle