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Research and Analysis of Soil Ecological Restoration by Microbial Fertilizer

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DOI: 10.25236/bemes.2018.002


Zhenguo Shen, Qian Sun

Corresponding Author

Qian Sun


This paper mainly studies and analyzes the use of microbial fertilizers in soil ecological restoration. At present, the development of society has caused serious ecological damage. The destruction of soil ecology has brought great obstacles to the development of agriculture. Soil is an important basis for human beings and animals to survive, and is also an essential material for life activities. In view of the serious soil pollution situation and serious ecological damage in China, microbial fertilizer is used to carry out soil ecological restoration. Nowadays, using microbial fertilizer for ecological restoration is a more effective way of ecological management. Under the new situation, the rapid development of China's economy, the stable development of agriculture, the continuous increase in the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and the intensification of industrial and living pollution, the soil ecological environment has been affected by different degrees, far more than their self-purification, and needs to be repaired urgently. Therefore, the role of its ecological restoration is analyzed in multi angle, and microbial fertilizer should be used in the soil ecological restoration and treatment under different pollution conditions, so as to provide some theoretical basis for soil ecological restoration methods.


Microbial Fertilizer, Soil Ecological Environment, Restoration