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Ecofeminism Literary Criticism and its Application in British and American Literature Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.125


Peng Zhang, Hui Li, Jiarong Hao, Xiuli Gou

Corresponding Author

Peng Zhang


Ecofeminist literary criticism is different from general literary criticism. It has a broader vision and extends to all aspects of life contained in literature. It involves the aspects of nature, gender, class and race in literature and their interrelationships. The discussion of relationship is the content of ecological feminist literary criticism. The ecofeminist literary criticism is applied to the teaching of English and American literature, and the female literary criticism theory is used to analyze the works properly, which makes the vision of ecological literary criticism expand and deepen. The specific teaching methods include mining and rereading ecological texts in British and American literary works, introducing literary criticism into the conscious creation and cultural life of literature, and combining various literary criticism theories to improve teaching effects.


Ecofeminism, Literary Criticism, British and American Literature, Teaching Application