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Research on the Promotion Strategy of Enterprise Core Competitiveness Based on Human Capital Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.118


Ma Zhongliang

Corresponding Author

Ma Zhongliang


The current stage is the era of knowledge economy. If an enterprise wants to grow, it must have its own core advantages. The essence of competition among enterprises is the competition of technical talents. Only by strengthening the absorption and management of talents can companies enhance their competitiveness. The improvement of the enterprise in the recruitment, training will also affect the talents system of the company and will have a certain impact on the competitiveness of the company. Based on the perspective of human capital, this paper analyzes the deep connotation between human capital and the competitiveness of enterprises, and provides corresponding strategies for improving the core competitiveness of enterprises according to the current situation of talents management in enterprises.


Human Resources, Core Competitiveness, Strategy