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Application System Research on Incentive Management Mechanism of Logistics and Supply Chain in Regional Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.115


Wu Zewu

Corresponding Author

Wu Zewu


Aiming at the problem that product recovery is not considered in supply chain model, which is unfavorable to cost control of supply chain of short life period products, the Gaussian Harmony Search (GHS) recycle supply chain model establishment and optimization algorithm based on recycle cost income is put forward. Firstly, supply chain is described according to five stages and model construction of product recycle process is considered. At the same time, the minimal cost optimization target of supply chain model that is established based on storage cost, shortage cost and transfer cost is utilized. Secondly, model optimization is implemented by introducing Harmony Search Algorithm, meanwhile self-adaption search is implemented by utilizing Gaussian traversal control parameters to improve effectiveness of Harmony Search and self-adaption of algorithm. Finally, sensitivity to parameter to GHS is analyzed by standard test function and model algorithm research has been implemented. The experiment result shows that proposed algorithm can obtain the lower supply chain transportation cost.


Recycle Cost, Cost Estimation, Harmony Search, Gaussian, Supply Chain