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Research on Operation Mechanism of Regional Shared Urban Rail Transit Training Base

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.113


Xiaoran Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoran Wang


The construction and operation management of the regional training base for urban rail transit operation management needs to mobilize relevant personnel, funds, equipment and other factors, and it is necessary to establish a long-term mechanism to make these factors play an active role. In the aspect of driving the training base in the school, professional schools should establish a government investment-driven mechanism, a school-enterprise interest-driven mechanism, and a cooperative project selection mechanism. In terms of operational management, it is necessary to establish a coordination mechanism between teaching management and production management, quality control and performance evaluation. It is necessary to establish an information communication mechanism, a talent financing mechanism, and an emotional exchange mechanism.


Operation Mechanism, Regional Shared Urban, Rail Transit Training Base