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Social Capital in WeChat: Moderating Role in Anxiety and Relationship with Use Intensity

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.110


Jiaqi Li

Corresponding Author

Jiaqi Li


Based on these findings, this paper tries to learn how social capital mediate the relationship between WeChat use intensity which may positively correlate with anxiety and anxiety level. This paper controlled anxiety level and bridged social capital for the regression analysis for WeChat use intensity and bonding social capital, and for regression analysis of WeChat use intensity and bridging capital is bonding social capital. It can be found that the interaction between anxiety measures and bonding social capital, and anxiety measure itself predicted WeChat use intensity. With bonding social capital multiplying anxiety measure, WeChat usage intensity is affected positively. The presence of bonding social capital mediates the negative relationship between anxiety and WeChat intensity, suggesting its positive association with WeChat intensity or its role in reducing measure anxiety level.


Social, Capital, Anxiety