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Chinese Taoist Philosophy of Health Preservation from the View of Life and the Significance of the Times

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.109



Corresponding Author



Chinese Taoist view of life, both in theory and technology, is a unique part of Chinese traditional fitness culture. As a religious Taoist life culture, it contains the pursuit of "longevity into immortals" and the content of feudal superstition. It should be eliminated, but what is beyond reproach is that it contains the essence. It plays an important role in promoting the health and extension of human life. This paper, from the three talented ethics view of harmonious natural life view, the heaven, earth and human, the Taoism natural health view and the shape and spirit life, and philosophy characteristic, simultaneously raises the guidance technique and so on. This paper probes into the profound influence of Taoist view of life on the ideal and method of keeping fit in modern sports, in order to promote the national fitness movement, to carry forward the traditional culture of the nation and to construct a harmonious society.


Taoism, Life View, Healthy