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Analysis of Grassland Ecological Compensation in Western Sichuan

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.108


Zhang Dawei

Corresponding Author

Zhang Dawei


Based on a comprehensive analysis of the natural, economic, and ecological characteristics of western Sichuan, this paper aims at the main functions of ecologically fragile areas in western Sichuan in Sichuan's socio-economic development, and proposes regional industrial development, population distribution, ecological restoration and protection. Other development strategies, such as building an open ecological protection mechanism, further improving ecological compensation policies, and establishing a green GDP system, have explored supporting environmental policy options, seized the opportunity to seize the new round of large-scale western development, and promoted the coordinated development of Sichuan's regions.


Western Sichuan Grassland Ecological Compensation, Main Functional Area, Development Strategy, Environmental Policy