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The Characteristics of Chinese Painting and Its Contemporary Heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.106


Mingyong Bao

Corresponding Author

Mingyong Bao


The reason why the brush and ink problem has become the old problem of Chinese painting research is that it is the most fundamental and most central issue of Chinese painting. It is not only the most important expression language of Chinese painting, but also the bearing body of the artist's aesthetic taste and painting concept, as well as the basic measure of analyzing works and criticizing painters. The development of brush and ink in the development of the time, in different historical periods and different stages has significant differences, and continues to improve and mature. This paper first introduced the meaning of Chinese brush and ink, and further elaborated its characteristics. Finally, it discussed the inheritance and innovation of Chinese brush and ink.


Chinese Painting, Brush and Ink, Characteristics, Inheritance