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Study on Religious Musical Cultural Identity of Dai People and Thailand Xishuangbanna in Yunan Province from Cross-cultural Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.101


Haiyan Wang

Corresponding Author

Haiyan Wang


Due to the geographical proximity and similar climatic conditions, the official and unofficial exchanges in the Dai people are frequent between Xishuangbanna and Thailand. The two nationalities belong to different countries in politics, but they have deep relations in history, culture, traditions and customs. Their culture origin have many similarities in the religious music. Cross-cultural cultural identity accelerates the integration of music. It has made lasting peace and development the theme of the times between China and Thailand. At present, there are many shortcomings in cross-cultural research especially in the research field of national music culture with neighboring countries. Therefore, the research on music culture of Dai and Thailand ethnic religion can effectively complement and improve the research of music culture in China based on cross-cultural perspective.


Cross Culture, Dai Nationality, Thailand, Religious Music, Cultural Identity