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The New Trend of American Literature Research

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.099


Dan Tao

Corresponding Author

Dan Tao


Since the establishment of the earliest modern American Literature Research Institute in 1979, the American Institute of modern literature has been established. The study of Chinese American literature has gone through more than 30 years and has made considerable progress. The study of American literature is becoming more and more internationalized, and the influence of foreign born and American based researchers abroad is also growing. This paper attempts to explain this phenomenon and its evolution, and selectively analyzes the new comparative methods in the study of American literature. The dictionary of American literature, edited by Yu Jianhua, is the first Chinese original dictionary of American literature. It is not only an excellent information query tool, but also a faithful embodiment of the author's academic ideas. It has expanded the research scope of American literature. It highlights the cultural perspective of literary research, pays attention to the retrospective inheritance of literary research, and emphasizes the subject consciousness of literary research. While it is convenient for readers to read, it will exert its academic influence and normative function in a subtle way.


American Literature, Dictionary, New Trend