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Internal Control and Countermeasures of Enterprise Accounting

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.098


Yi Zhimin

Corresponding Author

Yi Zhimin


Internal accounting control plays an important role in the operation and management of enterprises. It can improve the efficiency of enterprises and benefit enterprises. As an enterprise automatic maintenance and early warning system, accounting internal control will not only relate to the smooth development of enterprise's economic management activities. It is related to the authenticity and safety of enterprise financial information, and it is also of great significance to the survival and development of enterprises. With the intensification of social competition, great changes have taken place in the management environment of enterprises, which makes the accounting work of enterprises face greater risks. Under the modern social environment, the accounting work of enterprises is becoming more and more important, and enterprises should develop steadily and steadily. In view of the internal problems of enterprise accounting, effective measures must be taken to deal with them. Enterprise accounting internal control management plays an important role in promoting the management level and enhancing the economic efficiency of enterprises. This paper introduces the current situation of internal control of enterprise accounting in China, and analyzes its shortcomings in depth, puts forward specific measures to strengthen the management of internal accounting control of enterprises in China, and offers suggestions for the healthy development of Chinese enterprises.


Enterprise Accounting, Internal Control, Treatment Countermeasures