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Research on Fintech Supervision Model Based on Block Chain Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.096


Wei Feng

Corresponding Author

Wei Feng


Block chaining technology has rapidly become a new global hotspot after the Internet in the field of financial technology (Fintech), attracting close attention from governments, experts and scholars. In practice, the specific meaning of "financial science and technology" is different under different backgrounds, and there are differences and connections with the concept of "Internet finance" in China. Fintech (Financial Technology) is a financial innovation based on artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, block chain technology and mobile Internet technology. Financial technology (Fintech) has been developing rapidly because of its obvious advantages in boosting the development of Inclusive Finance. The development of Fintech has played a certain role in the transformation of traditional financial institutions and the innovation of business models. Fintech has promoted the innovation of regulatory mechanism and the innovation of regulatory framework. Financial technology is an innovative activity to transform the mode of production in financial industry by means of science and technology, and thus to improve financial productivity. The development of information technology provides a necessary prerequisite for financial and technological progress. Based on its characteristics of centralization, privacy and programmability, block chain technology has the possibility of innovating the traditional financial payment system theoretically.


Financial Science and Technology, Regulation, Block Chain Technology