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Unique Advantages of Public Art Education in Colleges and Universities in Inheriting Intangible Cultural Heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.090


Pan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Pan Zhang


With the advancement of quality education, curriculums in colleges and universities are made up of public art education, whose roles in cultivating and promoting students’ appreciation and aesthetics have been paid attention to. Intangible cultural heritage from ancestors, as precious treasures, need to be inherited and carried forward. There is a close connection between public art education and intangible cultural heritage development. Reform and innovation on public art education of colleges should be made on the basis of intangible cultural heritage development. Protecting and inheriting intangible cultural heritage need to be incorporated into public art education to realize sound and harmonious unity. This paper studies the situation of public art education and then puts forward some suggestions on heritage spread and education development in order to start a discussion.


Colleges and Universities, Public Art Education, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Integration, Inheriting