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Research on the Development Mode of Rural Tourism

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.088


Liu Na

Corresponding Author

Liu Na


By analyzing typical cases related to rural tourism at home and abroad, impetus source and driving force have been found in rural tourism development. Mechanisms have been established in driving rural tourism development on the basis of supply-side reform. According to the driving mechanism and the actual situation of the tourism in northern Jiangsu, problems have been diagnosed in driving forces and driving mechanisms and solutions have also been put forward on the rural tourism development, supply-side reform on driving source entity and its standard should be improved; mine features of rural tourism resources and its attractions should be enhanced; perfect the management system and elevate the service pulling force; establish the whole marketing idea and improve the marketing abilities of rural tourism.


Rural Tourism, Driving Force, Northern Jiangsu, Tourism Competitiveness