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Analysis on Howard Goldblatt’s Translation of Mo Yan’s Novels from the Perspective of Eco-translatology

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.085


Guotai Luo

Corresponding Author

Guotai Luo


The eco-translatology initiated by domestic scholar Hu Gengshen provides a broader new way of thinking for the translation of Chinese contemporary literature from an ecological perspective. With “translator-centered” concept, the translation process is defined as the translation process of the translator’s multi-dimensional adaptation and selection of the translation ecological environment including the author, the original work, the target language reader, and the publisher. This study takes ecological translation as the theoretical framework, and uses Mo Yan’s novels and its English translation (translated by American sinologist Howard Goldblatt) as the research corpus. It aims to reveal some characteristics of his translation through case studies, which is the current Chinese literature. The paper demonstrates Howard Goldblatt’s selective adaptation to the translational ecological environment of the novel; then uses the methods of description analysis and case study to analyze the adaptive choice of Howard Goldblatt’s translation of the ecological environment from the three dimensions of language dimension, culture dimension and communication dimension; Finally, combined with the evaluation standard of translation in ecological translation studies, the integration and adaptation degree of the English translation of the three-dimensional translation degree of the translation is analyzed.


Eco-Translatology, Mo Yan’S Novels, Howard Goldblatt.