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Study on the Artistic Modeling and Cultural Value of Shaanxi Folk Flower Buns

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.084


Yan Yang

Corresponding Author

Yan Yang


Shaanxi folk flower bun art in our folk art has an important position, and its types and styles have a clear influence in certain area. Shaanxi folk art reflects the local laboring people's thoughts and feelings, with very obvious characteristics of folklore. Shaanxi folk flower bun is the art of thousands of years left behind for generations, so it is necessary to inherit, carry forward, and protect it. This paper analyzes the cultural value of Shanxi folk flower buns based on the analysis of their cultural forms. At last, it analyzes the inheritance and protection, hoping to provide reference for Shaanxi folk flower bun protection work.


Shaanxi Folk Art, Flower Bun Art, Cultural Value