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Resource Tax Research Based on Resource Price Optimization

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.082


Hongmei Ye

Corresponding Author

Hongmei Ye


After years of reforming the economic system and breaking through the dilemma of the system, a series of unsuccessful areas of rapid development is left, bringing great achievements in economic construction and causing the bottleneck effect of resource constraints to become more and more difficult. The unscientific factor price formation mechanism and the unreasonable price comparison of resource products have become an important reason for the current deforestation, overuse and vandalism of resources and energy, and also an institutional obstacle to the transformation of China's economic development mode. It is an urgent and arduous task of the times to make the prices of resource products such as coal, oil, gas, water and minerals reasonable. It is also an important focus of this paper. It focuses on the macro-control role of fiscal and taxation policies, and takes resource tax reform as the starting point. The aim is to clarify the taxation relationship in the field of natural resources by reforming resource taxes to achieve the goal of optimizing the prices of resource products.


Resource Tax, Resource Price Optimization, Resource Management