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Investigation and Research on Community Sports Public Service in Nanchang City

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.077


Hui Xiao

Corresponding Author

Hui Xiao


Creating a good community sports public service is an important measure to promote national fitness, improve people's happiness index, and promote social harmony. The paper takes Nanchang community sports public service as the research object, and analyzes the problems of community sports public service in Nanchang City, including the incomplete and unbalanced community sports facilities, the outdated community sports facilities, and the lack of dedicated personnel management and guidance in community sports facilities, and community sports. The opening of the venue is not enough, and the reasons behind it are discussed. The community leaders neglect the construction of community sports public services, some real estate developers avoid community sports facilities, the management of community sports facilities is insufficient, and the investment source is relatively simple. Finally the development strategies of community sports public services in Nanchang City were expounded, to increase the sports propaganda of community residents, raise funds from various parties, increase the investment of community sports funds, diversify the development of community sports facilities, and increase the supervision of community sports facilities.


Nanchang City, Community Sports, Investigation and Research