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Research on the Influence of Xunzi's "King and Hegemony" Thought on Han Dynasty's Politics

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.071


Zeyu Wang

Corresponding Author

Zeyu Wang


Wang Dao and hegemony are important contents in Confucian political philosophy theory. Xunzi has transformed it from a pure historical state to a highly theoretical political philosophy. This not only made Confucius and Mencius's conception of "kingdom" from philosophical ideals to political practice, but also provided a relatively complete political theory system for the emerging landlord class at that time, which made Wangba's thought more suitable for the current situation and more of the times. This article will start from the "Wang Ba miscellaneous" ideology of Xunzi, explore its practical achievements in Han Dynasty politics, and further reveal the theoretical ability of Xunzi's ruling thought in the face of the new situation, to partially compensate for the previous research.


Scorption, Kingdom, Overbearing, Politics, Thought