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Development and Application of Mechanical English Corpus

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.061


Rui Han, Yanlin Yin, Xu Jiang

Corresponding Author

Rui Han


In the field of modern linguistics research, field linguistics has replaced the general linguistics as the mainstream of linguistics research. The corpus has naturally become an indispensable basic resource for linguistic research and language engineering. On the basis of learning from foreign experience, China has carried out extensive research and achieved fruitful results in combination with China's national conditions and English learners in English corpus construction, corpus linguistics, and corpus translation studies. Based on the research on the status quo and trend of English corpus construction at home and abroad, it is necessary to highlight its interdisciplinary nature in the future construction of English corpus, pay more attention to the establishment and popularization of corpus construction norms, and multi-modality in corpus. In addition to focusing on the construction of large-scale corpora, it is required to also increase the construction of small-scale corpus, and pay more attention to the follow-up management and maintenance of the corpus while paying attention to the construction of the corpus.


Mechanical English Corpus, Application Study, Development Status