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Crisis Management and Strategy Analysis of Rural Credit Cooperatives

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.055


Haipeng Zhu

Corresponding Author

Haipeng Zhu


As an important small and medium-sized financial institution in the development process in China, rural credit cooperatives are undergoing profound changes in the operating environment, development model, and business risks due to the impact of financial reforms in the current development process, and due to the influence of many unfavorable factors. As a result, the risks to the crisis faced by rural credit cooperatives have increased. Therefore, starting from the characteristics of rural credit cooperatives and the necessity of crisis management, this paper discusses the ways in which rural credit cooperatives conduct crisis management, and in this way helps China's rural credit cooperatives to improve their self-management in developing, thus, to promote the healthy development of rural credit cooperatives in the future.


Rural Credit Cooperatives, Crisis Management, Strategy