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Research on Countermeasures for Regional Economic Development of College Business English

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.054


Rui Han, Yanlin Yin, Dongmei Li, Qi Liu, Xi Chen

Corresponding Author

Rui Han


With the progress and development of society, the teaching team of higher education in our country has been growing, and English education in colleges and universities has achieved rapid and innovative development. Many colleges and universities attach great importance to business English education and teaching reform and constantly innovate business English teaching mode. The economic and social development of higher education institutions is a major trend in the development of higher education teaching and an inevitable result of the rapid economic and social development. Based on this, the paper analyzes the problems in the economic and social development of business English service in colleges, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures, hoping to play a role in the development of business English in colleges.


College Business English, Economic Development, Countermeasures