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Research on the Public Promotion Translation of Non-material Cultural Heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.051


Yulan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yulan Wang


China is a multi-ethnic country with a long history. Its intangible cultural heritage is splendid. Among them, Anhui Province shows its unique charm of Chinese culture with its unique emblem of Huifeng. However, due to the communication barriers caused by the differences between Chinese and foreign languages and cultures, it has not been better understood by the world. In this regard, the paper will use the theory of variable translation as a theoretical basis, and refer to seven means of increasing, reducing, compiling, recounting, reducing, merging, and reforming. With flexible translation methods, the paper aims to complete good foreign language translation and improve the influence of Chinese culture in world stage.


Non-Material Cultural Heritage, Translation, Public Promotion