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Research on the Development and Evaluation of Family Subsidy System in Western Countries

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.046


Wei Li

Corresponding Author

Wei Li


The family subsidy system is also known as the child allowance system. It is a means of redistribution of income, cash transfer payment instruments and economic adjustment methods; it is also a child protection system, a policy tool to encourage birth and eugenics, and an anti-poverty measure. The family subsidy system consists of three parts: the content system, the structure system, and the hierarchy. The western countries' family subsidy system was established in the 1940s. Its development has gone through the process of improving the content system, gradually building the structure system, and then designing the hierarchy system. The development of the family subsidy system in western countries shows that the establishment of the family subsidy system is the policy choice for ensuring children’s rights. The establishment of Chinese family subsidy system requires a clear target orientation and a reasonable institutional system.


Family Allowance, Child Allowance, System