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Research on the Role of Piano Performance Skills in Music Emotions

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.044


Fanxing Yang

Corresponding Author

Fanxing Yang


The perfect performance of piano works requires that the performer not only possesses skilled performance skills, but also requires the player to experience the emotions expressed in the piano works and to impart his own inner emotions to the performance process. This paper is based on the research results of the academic world and its many years of playing experience. It not only briefly studies the unification of piano performance skills and musical emotions, but also analyzes the role played by the piano in the emotional expression of music, namely proficiency in piano playing skills. The application can produce emotional performance, deepen the emotional expression of the piano performance, facilitate the second degree creation of the piano performance by the performer, and facilitate the player to accurately grasp the playing speed and the beat.


Piano, Performance Skills, Music Emotions, Function Discussion