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Study on the Psychological Analysis of Youth’s Passion Crime and Relevant Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.120


Shuang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Shuang Zhang


With the rapid development of social economy and the improvement of living standards, the living conditions of the young is getting better and better, the individual consciousness is becoming stronger and stronger, and the phenomenon of passion crime is increasing. In terms of the physical and mental characteristics of young people, the teenagers’ psychological fluctuation is great in the period of transition and physical development, and the latent factors of inducing passion crime exist. The youth passion crime has the characteristic of abrupt and different predictability, and because of the accurate factual judgment, the crime consequence is also easy to be uncontrollable. In this context, it is of vital importance to study the psychological dynamics of juvenile delinquency and to carry out accurate psychoanalysis to prevent juvenile delinquency.


Juvenile delinquency, Passion crime, Criminal psychology, Prevention countermeasures.