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Feasibility Analysis on the Transaction Integration of Air Pollution Emission in ‘Dianzhong’ Economic Zone

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.033


Wen Gao

Corresponding Author

Wen Gao


“Dianzhong” economic zone consists of Kunming city, Qujin city, Yuxi city and Chuxiong City. The position of the economic zone is central of Yunnan province. In “13th Five-Year Plan”, the “Dianzhong” economic zone is considered the core area, the power and the leader of the economic development of Yunnan Province. The population accounts for 1/3 of the Province, the gross domestic product accounts for 1/2 of the Province, the total industrial and agricultural output value accounts for 2/3, the total industrial output value accounts for 4/5, and the grain output accounts for 1/3. But in this zone, there are more than 60% industries firms with air pollutions effecting the living conditions and human health. It is necessary to establish the transaction of air pollution emission to control the total output of air pollution taking reference from America and Europe. The paper will describe feasibility of the integration of the transaction of air pollution emission in “Dianzhong” zone firstly, on this basis, the idea to set up the market of air pollution emission transaction is put forward.


“Dianzhong” Economic Zone, The Transaction of Air Pollution Emission