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Brief Discussion on Response to Risks of Transnational Investment

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.031


Weian Zhu

Corresponding Author

Weian Zhu


The investment industry is generally faced with risks, and the risks faced by transnational investment are far greater than the risks faced by domestic investment. Therefore, in the process of transnational investment, it is necessary to first consider how to control investment risk and how to minimize the risk coefficient. This paper makes a detailed analysis on how to deal with the risk of transnational investment from the perspectives of policy, law and culture through the data of the multinational investment companies collected at present and the case of Huawei company, and puts forward some constructive suggestions for the transnational investment of transnational corporations in the future to help transnational corporations avoid risks.


Transnational Corporations, Transnational Investment, Risk