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Study on the Multinational Project Procurement and Tax Planning

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.030


Gang Wan

Corresponding Author

Gang Wan


Since China implemented reform and opening-up, enterprises and the economy have made long-term progress after more than 30 years of development. In recent years, the development of the world economy has shown the characteristics and trend of globalization, and multinational corporations have also been established. In order to adapt to the development of the times, domestic companies in China have begun to conduct business and expand the development space worldwide. However, the journey to success overseas is not smooth. While implementing the internationalization strategy of the economy to the world, Chinese enterprises are also faced with various risks brought by them, including political, financial, legal, cultural, taxation and operational risks. Among them, the T company implements a transnational business strategy, so it will face the differences in tax laws and regulations and collection and management regulations. Through the investigation of the financial management practices implemented by Chinese enterprises in the past few decades, it is found that the concept of tax management in China is far from foreign countries. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of overseas tax risks. For enterprises, they must also pay attention to the importance of tax management. Otherwise, they will not be able to adapt to the development of overseas strategies, and they will not be able to effectively control risks. In the face of fierce international competition, they will not take advantage and will bring losses to the company.


Multinational Project, Procurement Planning, Tax Planning