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Analysis on the Artistic Features of Artistic Songs and Western Operas

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.029


Ying Zheng

Corresponding Author

Ying Zheng


Opera is a kind of comprehensive art, and it is also the most difficult and most attractive art form. The singing style of artistic songs is more delicate, and the powerful sounds like the high-pitched area of the opera aria are less. Operas tend to be strong and straightforward, and the sound of artistic songs is light and flexible. So in many cases, singing art songs needs to be delicate, accurate and beautiful. This paper takes the brief history of the development of western opera and artistic songs as the starting point, and combs the development of opera and artistic songs, and then summarizes and compares the singing characteristics of the two.


Opera, Artistic Song, Artistic Features, Comparison