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The Discussion on the Quality Improvement of English Teachers in the Internet+Era

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.118


Chunmei Yang

Corresponding Author

Chunmei Yang


English teachers are the facilitator and performer of English teaching, and the overall quality of education in English class must be related to their abilities. Nowadays, the coming of Internet+ era not only brings the new opportunities to the improvement of English education, but also puts forward the new and higher requirements to the qualities of English teacher. Therefore, we should find ways and means to improve the comprehensive qualities of English teachers constantly by adopting the new methods in the Internet era. This article clarifies the important significance of the quality improvement of English teachers with Internet era, and analyzes the current situation of English teachers’ teaching abilities, as well as several ideas about the quality enhancement of English teachers in Internet era.


Internet+, English teacher, Quality.