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Research on Stimulus Meaning and Symbols

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.019


Gao Yang

Corresponding Author

Gao Yang


Quine's stimulating meaning theory can be described as unique in the theory of various meanings after the turn of language. Its uniqueness lies in the emphasis on the sociality of language and the emphasis on behavior. From Quine's naturalistic standpoint, he conceived two typical scenes of children's language learning and linguists' translation of strange language. These two scenes highlight their naturalistic position. In the question of how to determine the consistency of stimuli meaning, Quine and his student Davidson proposed the idea of "triangulation" to explain, and the translation of strange language became an example of applying this strategy. The acquisition of stimulating meaning is related to the symbolization of human beings, whether it is objects or behaviors that are understood as symbols, and the idea of "triangulation" is easily associated with Pierce's "symbolic triangle" theory. An attempt to explain Quine's stimulating meaning theory with Pierce's semiotic thinking not only expanded the theoretical perspective of meaning exploration, but also fundamentally treated language as a symbol, which enabled him to gain new insights into the meaning issue. Breakthrough.


Meaning, Stimulation, Behavior, Symbol