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The Application Research of Dewey's Teaching Thoughts on Economic Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.012


Jie Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jie Zhang


Western economics has a crucial position and role in economics and management professional courses. Because western economics is a comprehensive, theoretical, and practical discipline, knowledge itself is more boring and abstract, and many students lack a certain understanding of real economic activities. Therefore, this paper will discuss the application of Dewey's educational ideas in classroom teaching of western economics based on the related theories of Dewey's educational thoughts, persisting in the principles of "doing high school", "student-centeredness" and "reflective thinking". This paper first discusses the basic theory of Dewey's educational thoughts, and then analyzes the application of western economics curriculum teaching in this ideological theory by discussing the core theories and principles of Dewey's educational thoughts. Based on Dewey's theory of teaching process, it explores the suitability of western economies. The teaching model of course teaching is to ask questions, analyze problems, solve problems and expand problems. Finally, based on Dewey's educational thought, combined with the content of the competition market in the book "Western Economics", the specific teaching design and classroom practice were carried out, and their teaching effects were evaluated and introspected. Practice shows that the application of Dewey's educational ideas in the teaching of Western economics is conducive to the improvement of students' abilities, the development of students’ learning subjectivity, and the cultivation of students’ creative thinking, and it is also conducive to the professional development of teachers.


Dewey Teaching Thought, Economic Teaching, Application Research