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Study on the Post Practice Operational Mechanism of Higher Vocational College Tourism Majors Based on the Modern Apprenticeship System

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.117


Ling Xu

Corresponding Author

Ling Xu


The manner and purpose of the modern apprenticeship system are improving the students' comprehensive quality and practical ability as well as further the students' ability to work so as to shorten the time of employment. It is the direction and trend of higher education development in China to integrate the modern apprenticeship system into the vocational colleges' post practice. Based on this, this paper analyzes the operational mechanism of using the apprentice system in the post practice of the higher vocational college by taking the tourism major of higher vocational college as the object of study. Besides, the paper studies the basic effect of the apprenticeship system of post practice of tourism major in higher vocational college and finally puts forward some feasible suggestions.


Modern apprenticeship system, Higher vocational college, Tourism major, Post practice.