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Rational Dialogue in the Era of Globalization: Transcending "Imagination" and "Prejudice" -- out of the Plight of International Communication of China's National Image

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.009


Yu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yu Zhang


This paper mainly analyzes the plight of advocating the image of China in the process of international communication, and finds out that the reason for this dilemma lying in people's imagination when watching the others come from distant areas. Non-objective imaginations exist in both western and eastern worlds when they watching each other. The imaginary and non-objective images are repeated in people's mind and become stereotypes, which are difficult to change. The conclusion of this paper is, under the new historical background of globalization, more objective mutual understandings between people and countries could be achieved through new media technology, communication modes and deep rational dialogue.


China'S Image, International Communication, Prejudice, Rational Dialogue