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Evaluation of the Development of Rural Inclusive Finance: A Case Study of Baoding, Hebei province

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.007


Ziqi Yang, Xiaoxiao Li

Corresponding Author

Ziqi Yang


"Inclusive Finance", means that everyone has financial needs to access high-quality financial services at the right price in a timely and convenient manner with dignity. This paper uses IFI index method to evaluate the development level of rural inclusive finance in various counties of Baoding, Hebei province in 2016, and finds that rural inclusive finance in each country has a low level of development, banks and other financial institutions have few branches and product types, the farmers in that area have conservative financial concepts and rural financial service facilities are not perfect. In response to these problems, it is proposed to increase the development of inclusive finance; encourage financial innovation; establish financial concepts and cultivate financial needs; improve broadband coverage and accelerate the popularization of information.


Inclusive Finance, Evaluation, Rural Inclusive Finance, Ifi Index Method