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New Development Approaches for Higher Vocational Colleges in Guangdong from the Perspective of Supply-side Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.003


Yihui Huang

Corresponding Author

Yihui Huang


Supply-side reform is an important measure which can promote the economic development of our country. In China, Guangdong is a province with strong economic power. With the continuous promotion of reform, higher vocational institutions in Guangdong are bound to find out how to optimize the professional structure, deepen the construction of connotation, and train talents according to the demands of society. Combined with the structural reform of supply-side, this paper analyzes the current situation and problems in higher vocational education of Guangdong, and puts forward to a new way of reform and development.


Supply-Side Structural Reform, Higher Vocational Education In Guangdong, Development Path