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Study on the Cultural Self-consciousness of Zhang-ke Jia

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DOI: 10.25236/ecomhs.2018.001


Wenying Duan

Corresponding Author

Wenying Duan


Cultural self-consciousness means the self-awakening of culture. It is the need of the times in contemporary world, and a basic principle which modern humanistic intellectuals should follow. Zhang-ke Jia is a director of the new generation. He has insisted on taking lower-class people as narrative subjects in his movies for two decades. Through the using of dialects, his films present diversified Chinese local cultures. Born in Shanxi, Jia emphasizes the worship of Guan Yu (the battle saint) in his movies. He expresses the spirit of Guan Yu in various forms, in order to instruct people to follow morality and justice principles. The application of traditional Chinese operas in movies not only inherits the ancient art form, but also strengthens the narration of movies, and complies with his cultural self-consciousness principles.


Cultural Self-Consciousness, Traditional Culture, Rational Examination, Cultural Guidance