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Establish New Supporting Point of Effective Teaching for Weak Schools with Teaching and Studying Plan

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.115


Guijun Ma

Corresponding Author

Guijun Ma


In terms of current teaching status of Chinese weak schools, there are many unavoidable problems such as low student quality, backward teaching method and low efficiency of classroom teaching. How to establish new supporting point of effective teaching for weak schools becomes one of the key research directions in the current educational world. Due to long-term influence of traditional teaching mode and concept on Chinese educational world, the efficiency of classroom teaching in each stage and teaching achievements of each educational institution are not optimistic. Teaching in weak schools is always a major concern of the state and the society. Some educational expert has pointed out that reasonable use of teaching and studying plan mode can improve the teaching status of weak schools effectively.


Teaching and studying plan, Weak schools, Effective teaching, New supporting point.