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Discussion on British and American literature teaching mode in quality-oriented education

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.111


Hongyan Guan

Corresponding Author

Hongyan Guan


In English teaching, British and American literature can play a teaching effect of broadening view and improving humanistic quality on the basis of obtaining vocabularies and grammar. Quality-oriented education calls for students' comprehensive development, thus carrying out British and American literature teaching is an objective requirement for English teaching in quality-oriented education. But we should also see that although quality-oriented education has been conducted for years, some schools blindly focus on theoretical education for improving enrollment rate so that British and American literature is not valued without being included into the exam range. Thus, exploring the method of optimizing British and American literature education under quality-oriented educational background is of great application value.


Quality-oriented education, British and American literature, Existing problems, Solutions.