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The application of blended learning in higher vocational English teaching under the background of “Internet +”

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.103


Deng Shengping, Qi Qian

Corresponding Author

Deng Shengping


The rapid development of Internet technology provides the means of education innovation. In the face of reduced teaching time of higher vocational English teaching and the present situation of the course does not decrease, hybrid English teaching model has get the teacher's hands. Hybrid English teaching mode under the environment of Internet +, micro fusion class, flip classroom, online classroom teaching effectively improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, and the effect. Under the background of "Internet +", how to realize the transition from the traditional teaching mode of higher vocational English teaching to hybrid teaching mode based on network platform, is an important subject in higher vocational colleges face. The subversion class based on micro flip class has changed the traditional teachers’ classroom knowledge status, has changed the class teaching to the teachers and students interactive classroom discussions and answering questions; and it set up a convenient autonomous learning environment for students. Under the background of "Internet +", the implementation of blended learning has promoted the reform of teaching mode in higher vocational English hybrid propulsion.


Internet + , blended learning, higher vocational English teaching.