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Research on the Development of Campus Football Culture Based on the Background of Undertake Concept——Taking Jiangxi Independent Colleges as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.102


Chen Huan, Zhou Rui, Guo Yifeng

Corresponding Author

Chen Huan


Using expert consultation method, questionnaire survey method and the mathematical statistics method, and based on the background of the idea of the campus football culture connotation, Jiangxi Province, the status of campus football culture and campus football construction path is studied. The results show that the campus football culture has rich connotation, its hierarchical structure includes material culture system, system culture system and spiritual culture system; Jiangxi campus football league is very heavy football culture construction, and school level is to be strengthened, especially school football ecology Environment and the construction of football culture; campus football culture should be clear to the student-oriented value orientation, pay attention to dig a good campus football spirit, the establishment of a good campus football culture order, to create a special campus football culture activities to strengthen the campus football material culture.


Undertake concept, Campus football culture, Development path.