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Research on Construction of High-quality Sports Curriculum and Forming the Culture of Soccer in Campus

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.101


Chen Huan, Yang Geng, Wu Fan

Corresponding Author

Chen Huan


In the reform of the continuous development today, curriculum construction, especially the construction of quality courses is always an important part of education and teaching reform. It is a starting point that embodies the modern educational thoughts, which is in line with the general principles of science, advanced nature and pedagogy. It has distinctive characteristics of the times and it can properly use modern education and teaching techniques, methods and means. The teaching effect is obviously demonstrative, the role of the radiation level of fine courses is meeting the need for higher education curriculum construction. It not only stimulates the reform and development of public physical education needs, but also satisfies the urgent need to develop cultivate high-quality talents.


ecological city, uncertainty theory, inexact fuzzy multi-objective programming (IFMOP), resource allocation.